Who is Kira Decker?

Being the youngest of five kids, my oldest sister introduced me to the wonderful adventures books offered at a very young age. I haven’t finished the trip yet!

Only now, it’s my own characters leading me through sword fights, growing pains, and of course, first loves!

I am an avid science fiction/fantasy/paranormal/urban fantasy reader, Adult, NA and YA. And, yep, Romance has a place in all of them, for nothing mucks up a perfectly good plan like falling in love. I make my characters work for their happily-ever-afters, because those are the sweetest kind.

Characters I had knocking around in my head since I was a tween decided they wanted someone to tell their story. Thankfully, they chose me. The journey has been an exciting one. I managed to find a critique/writing partner who thinks like me (the world will never be the same) and who pushes me to new levels in my writing. I love pantsing, but she has managed to sneak in a bit of plotting into my writing toolbox. We have a series of books co-written together under the name of Toni Decker The Shoalman Chronicles. A Paranormal Romance/Urban Fantasy series including IMAGES ETERNAL (Book 1), SHOALMAN IMMORTAL (Book 2) & DARK INK EMBRACE (Book 3) available now, with WHITE INK SURRENDER (Book 4) in the works.

I have wonderful supportive husband and three great kids who attempt to keep the destruction to a minimum so I can devote my time to writing. The cat however demands my lap time and won’t take no for an answer.

When not writing, I have acted as a volunteer parent coach for my teen daughter’s cheerleading – only holding my breath once in a while when she does new flying stunts – and now act as a driving coach (Now THAT will stop your heart). I help my youngest son build amazing Lego inventions, but leave creating Mindcraft worlds to him.  My oldest son keeps me busy navigating his own adventures in college (And yes, I use him as “research” for my NA stories).

My loving husband encourages me in everything I do. He is my go-to-guy for historical facts about weapons and warfare tactics, as well as, my devil’s advocate in my world building (ME: No I do not have sparkly zombie werewolves in my world. HIM: Good.). He is my rock. My hard-fought for happily-ever-after

You can usually find me on Twitter, where I enjoy GIF wars with friends and foes alike. I love my villains as much as my heroes and am often down the rabbit hole of research looking up medieval swords and planning out castles I’d total live in. (Yes, the will be secret passages. No, I’m not showing them to my kids – Are you crazy?)

I love connecting to readers, so come say hi.

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