Pitches – Panicked Frustration or Possibilities?

I feel like I have been through a sword fight I never knew was happening!

Phew!  Now my head hurts.

Those of you who know me, know I don’t write anything short – unless forced to at sword point. Left to my own musing, it is very easy for me to let loose and kick out 2 or 3K in a short sitting.  Now this is great most of the time – except when I am limited to 35 word pitches.

Prolific now becomes painful.

Thankfully, there are some great examples out there of what not to do – I think I hit them all tonight. Through trial (my delete key now makes a strange click) and error (I lost count after a while), I think I have managed to come up with a pitch that even is for the correct book. (Yes I did it for the wrong one first – facepalm)

A neat thing occurred as I struggled with the pitch. The process itself helped to clarify my book and even prompted a quick change between my opening chapters. Changes that I really like!

So fear not those of you worrying about pitches. Sometimes the pain, brings about unexpected pleasure.

I still cringe at the though of the next pitch I have to par down to 35 words, but the overwhelming panic it once created, has been kicked back into the Void from where it crept.


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