Unexpected ——— Connections

It is finally written.

I have avoided this particular scene in my story although it is a pivotal point. I kicked and dragged my Character (literally) into the scene but it was still incredibly hard to get out. However he has weathered the storm and some interesting connection came from it that, well, I was not expecting but excited to see.

Sometimes your muse is a wonderful being. She knows where your story is going better than you and sneaks in little hints and connections that when you write them, maybe seem odd.  Later as your story grows and evolves you realize that the connection you need to get to the end are already there. You just didn’t see them until now. That’s what happened to me and I Love It!

Ever have something like that happen in your writing? Isn’t it wonderful?


One thought on “Unexpected ——— Connections

  1. judeellis says:

    Often these things stick inside my head, distracting me during errands and disrupting my sleep. For me time is more of an enemy. Sometimes I have to bull dog the character in question into getting out on to the page but the end result is always worth it!


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