Teetering on the brink – Finding my Balance

The light from the end of the tunnel shines brightly. This time it’s not a train.

I think…

I realized that I haven’t been very good about posting (see procrastinating post). I’ll admit, I am not a blogger, but I play one in a book. Well not really, but that could be an interesting story idea (fumbles for pen and starts jotting notes…)  Oops! OK, so I get distracted by other things.

Since deciding that writing was an actual focus of my life and not just something I did occasionally, I have dived in with both feet. Unfortunately, I had children, work, husband (my crazy normal life) attached to those feet and stumbled a bit on the way.

I’m learning.

I love to write! It gives me such a sense of freedom and rejuvenates me for the trials that life goes out of its way to throw at me. Guess that’s why I get cranky when I can‘t write.

I am still working on the balance though, family, work (yeah that thing that actually pays the bills for now), writing or even just sitting in the backyard watching the butterflies alight with gentle bounces on my flowers. I know I’ll find it. The Spirits that opened my mind to writing in the first place are slowly showing me the path to follow.

I just need to listen to what she tells me more often!


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