Life Happens – Use it!

No matter how hard you try sometimes, life happens. Usually interfering with your writing goals, schedule and general attempts to put words down.

Hair pulling, paper ripping (who needs a mechanical shredder) frustrations reign!

This used to bother me, but I decided I would make it work for me. Don’t misunderstand. It still drives me nuts when I have a scene or story idea plaguing me and I can’t even get near a computer or notebook to get it down. However, that said, sneaking a quick five minutes to jot down the anger and frustration sometimes leads to a fantastic scene later when I can write!

Writing for me is a release, so sometimes those pent-up emotions help a scene explode into being. The scene may have nothing to do with the problem causing my frustration, but it does help me understand how my character might feel in an equally tense situation.  The emotion, the physical strain on my body, and the release when it gets resolved or in Malcolm’s case, the series of really bad puns to lighten the mood, all help make the writing ALIVE! They make my characters real and hopefully engage my reader into the story.

So get angry! Get frustrated!  Loose it against your characters and scenes.  You may never use anything that you write, but you’ll be writing.

And THAT is the point!


One thought on “Life Happens – Use it!

  1. judeellis says:

    Sometimes the opposite happens. Some of my nastiest scenes came on a really good day while sometimes a hair tearing annoying day results in a calm peaceful bit of a story. Weird!


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