Checklist (or is that Sanity Check?)

√ Writing finished on MS

Well, OK. I found a spot that needed filling that I didn’t see before. Hopefully my beta readers won’t completely kill me.

√ Editing/revisions on MS – Ongoing but mostly set

 Yes I admit it. I am one of those who tends to revise as I’m writing.  Not necessarily a bad thing, but there are times I really do have to force myself to stop and just WRITE! 

Class (hopefully) starts in June to polish MS

I have stocked up on Dr. Pepper for those last night class sessions where I have to fix a scene (or two, or five – sigh). This last step excites and terrifies me. Excited to learn new techniques that have eluded me until now – terrified that I will not get them right the first time (yes, I am a perfectionist – working on it!). Overall, just raring to go!

I try to focus on always moving forward. New ideas have blossomed from strange places and juggling them is often a challenge. Sometimes it’s really hard. You wonder am I really ready to send this out?  Should I get more feedback? Am I insane?

For me, I am working on the first question, eternally waffling on the second, and completely convinced the last one is true.

The good thing about this whole journey is that I am enjoying it. Yes, even the down parts where I try to convince myself that this is just a fools dream. That’s when my writing partners step in and kick me in the butt. (They are very direct!)

Remember why you started writing in the first place.

I bet most of the time the answer is, “Because I love to write.”  That’s what you have to hold on to and never forget.  When you do, have great people (great friends!) remind you and in some cases, inspire you to reach heights you never expected.

Writing is a journey – enjoy getting there!


One thought on “Checklist (or is that Sanity Check?)

  1. judeellis says:

    The direct kick in the butt has had fantastic results as every revision has gotten stronger and more interesting! Writing is a dream that happens with your eyes wide open!


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