Query – My new four-letter word

Yes, I know.

Query has five letters in it. However, while attempting to write one of these, more four letters came to mind than anything else. Not really the kind of words you want to send to an agent or publisher. At least not if you want them to represent you.

I have never before come across anything that terrifies and aggravates me at the same time. Our stories sing to us and if we listen, the words flow across the pages.

Then there are query letters.

Just as important as a well written story, the query letter forces us to compile in a few words the heart of our story, why we love it and why an agent or publisher should love it too. It has to grab the reader’s attention and convey your conflict, character and conclusion in less than a page.  Yes, a single page. That single piece of paper must compel you to want to read my story. For someone who writes novel length stories and doesn’t  write anything small, that is torture and should honestly be banned in all civilized nations.

Well, OK. Maybe I’m exaggerating just a tiny bit, but really, it’s just not nice.

Some people like writing query letters and are good at them. I even know a few.

I am NOT one of them. One of these days, I want to sneak into their brains and find out what that feels like. I haven’t yet figured out how to get them to write mine.  Working on that. Maybe once I have a few hundred (I really hope not to add another zero to that number) I will learn to love them. And maybe even become one of those that is good at them.

Until then, I will continue to work through them, fine tuning and polishing my letters until they shine.

I’ll try to keep the four-letter words to myself.


One thought on “Query – My new four-letter word

  1. judeellis says:

    Query letters can suck the soul right out of a writer!


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