Blogging – Learning experience, opportunity, ok sometimes pain in the a$$

Ok, for those who have read my posts you might realize I’m not a blogger. Well compared to some blog sites, I don’t see myself as a blogger.

I know! Shocking isn’t it! (Sarcasm comes easy, blogging does NOT!)

I have friends that have blogged from the first day blogging started (yes I am that old – now hush!) They write about their moods, their lives, even what they ate and how many calories it contained.

Umm, ok. It works for them. That’s not me.

Some people can blog as easily as they breath. For me, it’s more like pulling teeth and sometimes just as painful. I attempt to form coherent ramblings ( is that an oxymoron like giant shrimp? – Damn, now I’m hungry) and make some kind of  impact. Maybe impact is too strong a term. I just like the sound of it and hey, we all need dreams!

It has been a difficult thing to learn as a writer. All the advice from agents and editors is “make sure you have a web presence”. “Can’t I just write my stories and not worry about that part?” I whimper.

Unfortunately, no.

~SIGH~ <trudges back to blog site>

In order for people to get to know you and your work, you have to open up and let them see your life. THAT is a scary concept to embrace. What about the warts in my life? I’m not sure I can deal with that!

Get over it! (And it’s not nice to call your cat a wart – unless that’s her name)

Readers come to read. Yes they want to know about you, but if they like your writing, then trust me, the warts really won’t matter. Well unless you’re a fugitive space alien flying monkey. Then that might draw a bit of attention. But publicity is good, right? If that’s the case, write your life story. (I know of an editor who is dying for a good space monkey story) You’ll probably be a best seller!

For the rest of us without that spectacular flair of a past, we have to work at it. At least I do. I don’t mind talking about my stories,  the characters who plague me with their fantastical adventures, and the amazing worlds they live in. Honestly, I love it! Ask me questions, I can go on for hours! Ask me about myself…umm.


Truthfully, my much more media savvy friend and writing partner dragged me determinedly to a blog. Her foot stomping is a very scary thing to contemplate when read in a text. Really!

I finally decided that the blog was a great place for me – the sarcastic, warped sense of humor, eternal optimist – to come out to play. A place to learn, to make mistakes and to grow as a writer. 

When I started this, I wanted to focus on my writing and maybe even pass along some tidbits (however small) on the trials I have overcome, the lessons I have learned – good and bad –  and maybe help someone else that is just starting out. 

One thing I have learned. Try to keep to a schedule. I say this sheepishly as I missed my self-imposed once weekly posting last week. I attempt to make my posts entertaining and somewhat relevant to writing in general. Not sure I have accomplished that yet. Working on it.

If I get a chortle out of someone, then I managed more than I hoped. The optimist in me will focus on that thought, while the sarcastic muse will poke me in the ribs. Again. 🙂

I’ll continue to blog along until the power on my laptop dies once and for all, some secret society of bloggers sends me a cease and desist order (hmmm, interesting story idea), or someone replaces my keyboard with one that has Chinese letters on it (yes, I still look when I type).

It’s still not easy. But I’m too stubborn to give up!

How do you blog? Any tips?


Sitting on your hands – Reading your work without editing

I have been married over 20 years and have three wonderful, although at times, tasking children (Four if you count my hubby and I often do). Through the years I have laughed and cried through the trials of my life. And I have the grey streaks to prove it.

However, I never thought it would be so hard to read through my manuscript WITHOUT EDITING IT!

That’s my current assignment. Read – Don’t edit. Only use pen and paper to note changes.

Yikes! Someone get the Gorilla Glue to keep my hands away from the keyboard (sitting on them keeps putting them to sleep). Yes, I admit it. I am one of those that edits as I write. Usually it’s not a big deal. I tend to backup a chapter and re-read through it to get me back into the story so I can write the next chapter or scene. I might make minor changes as I read through. Ok yeah, sometimes I get totally distracted and rewrite a section.

I didn’t think this would be a hard assignment. I. WAS. WRONG!

I had to break down and get an e-reader. It helped…a little.

I feel like a little kid. The best way to get a kid interested in something is to tell them they can’t do it. It instantly becomes the forbidden fruit. A must have item or activity that they find someway, anyway, to get to it. I have been good…mostly.

Thank the Spirits for my writing partner. She smacked my hands away from the keyboard and yelled at me. I am now most of the way through my assignment.

So, for those of you going through the same stage – I feel for you. For those of you getting ready to get there – find a writing partner or two to help keep you in line (you’ll need them!) For those of you who have done this already – WHY didn’t you warn me?

I NEVER thought I’d say this…but I can’t wait to get back to editing!