The Phoenix Rising

Love her spunk.

Jude Ellis

To be a writer is to create possibilities.  Yet in order for the creation to be complete, there needs to be readers. 

The characters that have lived in my head for years have evolved enough to insist on joining the larger world.  To satisfy that demand, I will begin to let them tell their stories.  They have been talking to me alone for long enough so now they want to speak to others.

I welcome questions and feedback for how else do wonderful conversations begin.

The Phoenix Rising Series

Conception’s Pain

As the volume of the voices in the drawing room rose, so did the constriction in Acala’s chest.  The twenty-eight rooms of her grandfather’s mansion suddenly felt as small as her recently deceased Nana’s casket and just as dangerous.

To avoid even the hallway outside of the drawing room, Acala crawled out of the parlor window.  Escaping to…

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Writing Update #2

Toni Decker Books

It has been a busy week in the shared brain of the Toni Decker world.

After spending all day together, Toni and I outlined and brainstormed (Nope. Not going to make me say the “P” word) the entire first book of RF, our new NA Magical Realism Romance. While I worked on the outline, Toni was more than happy to color code the effort into our shiny new spreadsheet. (Check out our See Jane Plot Board post).

Damn! she got me to say the “P” word. Those shared brain cells are sneaky sometimes.

We love the mystical aspects that are interweaving themselves into this project. And yes, we had fun betting on who would get to write the hot scenes. I think I lost …or maybe not. (Rearranges chapters in outline before Toni notices) Figuring out the pranks and the sword fights was kind of fun too, and I am happy to say, I get…

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Writing Update #1

I so love this teaser picture.

Toni Decker Books

BtIThe past week has been pretty eventful in the Toni Decker brain. We just finished the first draft of a 60k manuscript, BtI, and sent it off to a few Beta readers. Kira and I both adore this story so much that I might even admit to having a major, highly inappropriate, crush on the hero. I know there are edits to be done, a few small (hopefully small) revisions to be made, but it’s a great feeling to be at a stage of completeness to share this story with others. You’d think that after writing an entire story, writing a blurb would be easy. You’d be wrong. It’s the part I dread most, summarizing 60k into 200 words or less. Also query letters, synopsis and pitch. Working on them all for this story right now. And yes, the image is a bit a tease for the story…

Naturally, as…

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See Jane Plot Board

Plotting that even works for a Pantsers like me!

Toni Decker Books

In January, Kira and I attended our monthly MRW (Maryland Romance Writers) meeting excited to learn about plot boarding. Ok, Kira was far less excited than I. Far less. Actually, not true. Finding an organizational method that complemented my (Kira) pantser style of writing was incredible exciting.  I’m the plotter on this writing team and she lives by the seat of her pants through and through. (Though I think she secretly loves plotting and I enjoy winging it more than either of us are willing to admit in mixed company. Will neither confirm nor deny this statement. It’s our secret.) Except this workshop was different. It resonated with both of us. This method allowed my need for a road map to the story to be displayed in a way that her panster mind could wrap itself around. Our friend Misty took what we were taught a step further and…

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