See Jane Plot Board

Plotting that even works for a Pantsers like me!

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In January, Kira and I attended our monthly MRW (Maryland Romance Writers) meeting excited to learn about plot boarding. Ok, Kira was far less excited than I. Far less. Actually, not true. Finding an organizational method that complemented my (Kira) pantser style of writing was incredible exciting.  I’m the plotter on this writing team and she lives by the seat of her pants through and through. (Though I think she secretly loves plotting and I enjoy winging it more than either of us are willing to admit in mixed company. Will neither confirm nor deny this statement. It’s our secret.) Except this workshop was different. It resonated with both of us. This method allowed my need for a road map to the story to be displayed in a way that her panster mind could wrap itself around. Our friend Misty took what we were taught a step further and…

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2 thoughts on “See Jane Plot Board

  1. judeellis says:

    Where can I get more info on this? I am a plotter whose pantzer half ignores everything that the ploter worked out.


  2. Kira Decker says:

    Diane Peterfund (You can find her here ) is the writer who first taught me about this process. It really is a great way to organize, even for those die-hard pantsers. SHe has some great ideas to help organized and structure your books. Hope the information helps.

    Happy writing (and plotboarding)!


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