A Thank You to those who often get none

With the end of the college semester coming to a close, I found a piece of writing worth sharing.

As a writer, you strive to evoke emotion. As an EMS provider, emotions can’t come into play until after the emergency. Over time, the control needed to accomplish this takes its toll on those in the field.

I work with EMT & Paramedics students, as well as, have friends who do this job full time or as volunteers. Not for the thanks, but because they care and want to make a different.

This poem is for them. To let them know I appreciate them doing a job I can’t. And when a hard case overwhelms them with emotions, I want those brave men and woman to know there are people in the world who care about them too.

Hear Me, America,

I am the EMT

I see your people as you never see them.

Mighty and small they are beggars before me,

their faces all frightened, beseeching, bewildered,

and hopeful of help from one more frightened than any…

I see their pitiful nakedness, their limbs twisted,

their bodies tattered, their blood on the asphalt,

their children crying.

They trust me to help them.

They know I will help them.

I see their illnesses too, in your big cities.

Their fevers, I feel as you dream at midnight in little towns.

They call to me whose hearts are aching

and whose dreams are shattered,

and they touch me with their weariness.

Sometimes they seek me who are simply alone and

who cannot bear the night, and I am their servant, too.

Fallen from tractors in fields I find them,

stabbed in dark alleys, shot on bright boulevards,

and in stilled cars they are silent and pale on
cold rainy nights.

The crunching of glass under my heavy black boots

tells of my coming.

I fold them in blankets.

My beacons light up your streets as their babies are born.

My sirens wail echoes down your boulevards,

past your shiny glass walls, your stockyards,

and the quiet rural farms,

and your people look up from their work as I go by.

I fight the battles to keep them alive.

I thank my god when I win,

I cover their eyes, when I lose,

and they breathe no more.

My partner is a hero, but no one knows his name.

Author Unknown