Decisions, Decisions – ANNOUNCMENT! And Some Celebrating!

Still dancing!

Toni Decker Books

For a couple years now K and I have been on a well defined publishing path. We’ve written words, rearranged them into story format and sent to critique partners until they stop taking our emails. We revised and edited, all the while assuming we were heading in a certain direction. But then something happened along the way, sent us on a sharp left turn and changed everything…

::cue Rex Manning::

Sorry for the shouty caps but wow, that felt good to say out loud. Don’t get me wrong, we’ve said it, embraced it, told our closest friends, families and support peeps. But it’s the first time we’re saying it here. Out loud. In public.

::breathes into paper bag::

Now, self-pubbing isn’t new. Neither is indie pub, author pubbed or whatever title is in vogue for the practice at this particular moment (not getting too hung…

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