I always believed you would succeed!

Queen of Weight

I’ll admit that I am not normally a night owl, and right now its 10:30 pm, late by my standards, but it’s for  good reasons.

I just realized that I have had this blog up and running for a tad over a year now. The objectives I had have been shuffled around because life, and death, happens. The world is always shaking things up for us humans; we become complacent then WHAM! life happens. I’m the first to admit that my attention on things has wavered, its like I keep finding the “new and shiny” to distract myself with.


Here it is August 1 and there is still no teaching job for me for the new school year. Yes, I am still okay with this. I’ve decided to call it a “mental health sabbatical” until I find a new school that finds me as important as I find the students.


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