Images Eternal Inspiration: Lucien

LOVE the eyes!

Toni Decker Books

Lucien’s character in Images Eternal grew from another book (Anticipated release date January 2015), but quickly took on his own life. When we started writing him, we knew he’d be physically young, but that he hid an old soul. They say the eyes are a window to your soul. This is so true for our boy, Lucien. Dark and light never looked so good together! So who was our inspiration? Check him out below.

 Young. Gorgeous. And a voice to make angels cry. Rock Star material for sure.

And those eyes!

CAUTION: Staring directly into them may lead to swooning and large chunks of time passing by unnoticed

(*sighs and gets lost* Oops, sorry about that.)

Lucien might not be ready for all the trials thrown at him, but an easy smile and musical laugh gets him through most things, melting your heart along the way.


*SWOON* Oh those eyes…

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