Images Eternal Release Day…One week Later

Toni Decker Books

First, let me say, it’s been a week since IMAGES ETERNAL released. 4500x2820_Amazon_eBook_Images_Eternal_final v1.0I mean it’s been a week. And whoa, what a week.
Things we’ve learned:

  1. We have some really, really great friends, family, supporters and readers. We love you all dearly and couldn’t imagine going on this journey without you by our sides. And kicking our asses when necessary and offering hugs when needed. Thank you. thank you. THANK YOU!
  2. While I think we did some things rights, there are a few things we’ll do differently for the next release. And YES! there will a next release.
    *<cough>* January 2015 *<cough>*
  3. It’s never too early to promote, pimp, and market your book. Repeat after me…. It’s NEVER too early to promote, PIMP, and market the fuck out of your book. Start early, often and don’t stop throwing the word out there.
    Kindle  / Paperback / Nook / Kobo

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