*Exclusive… Excerpt from IMAGES ETERNAL

Come visit the world of Mandy and Lucien from IMAGES ETERNAL and check out the EXCLUSIVE excerpt on Toni Decker’s Blog. Warning, you might need a cool drink afterwards…

Toni Decker Books

This week we’re sharing an excerpt from IMAGES ETERNAL. Picking an excerpt is hard work. Much harder than I ever anticipated. But I picked this one. So… ::shrugs:: …hope you like it.


Mandy strained to hear the mumbled voices, but it sounded like the usual pre-set conversation. Planning the song order and discussing a few shows lined up in the near future. Tapping her finger along the edge of the camera’s lens, Mandy wanted to scream for them to get started already. She hadn’t planned to be here all day. On the other side of town a band waited for her. A band who actually wanted her to take their pictures.

“You know, Angel,” a dulcet voice sang behind her. “I don’t recall sending press invites out for this rehearsal.”

Mandy stilled. Hot breath warmed her neck. Every hair on her body stood straight up and a few curled…

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