Images Eternal ~ The First Teaser ~

In case you missed it *winks*

Toni Decker Books

Toni and I can’t wait to share our new book, Images Eternal. It come out September 15th, 2014, but we couldn’t help ourselves and decided to share a series of sneak peeks with all of you.

Lucien likes to think he’s in control. But where Mandy is concerned, there is no such thing.


Enjoy! Stay tuned for more sneak peeks and updated information and links.

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Another Teaser for Images Eternal

I can’t believe it’s almost here!

Toni Decker Books

What? You want more teasers from Images Eternal? Well if you insist.


It’s almost here! September 15, 2014!!

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Be on the lookout for a COVER REVEAL.

I am so excited about this! It’s real. It’s happening.

I think I am in shock. A good shock though. Stay tuned for more information and more of the cover sneak peaks during the week.

Toni Decker Books

Cover_teaserThat’s right later this week, (Thursday to be exact) we will be revealing the cover for our debut NA novel, Images Eternal, which releases September 15, 2014.

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I always believed you would succeed!

mondaylove2013 by LeeAnne White, Author

I’ll admit that I am not normally a night owl, and right now its 10:30 pm, late by my standards, but it’s for  good reasons.

I just realized that I have had this blog up and running for a tad over a year now. The objectives I had have been shuffled around because life, and death, happens. The world is always shaking things up for us humans; we become complacent then WHAM! life happens. I’m the first to admit that my attention on things has wavered, its like I keep finding the “new and shiny” to distract myself with.


Here it is August 1 and there is still no teaching job for me for the new school year. Yes, I am still okay with this. I’ve decided to call it a “mental health sabbatical” until I find a new school that finds me as important as I find the students.


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Decisions, Decisions – ANNOUNCMENT! And Some Celebrating!

Still dancing!

Toni Decker Books

For a couple years now K and I have been on a well defined publishing path. We’ve written words, rearranged them into story format and sent to critique partners until they stop taking our emails. We revised and edited, all the while assuming we were heading in a certain direction. But then something happened along the way, sent us on a sharp left turn and changed everything…

::cue Rex Manning::

Sorry for the shouty caps but wow, that felt good to say out loud. Don’t get me wrong, we’ve said it, embraced it, told our closest friends, families and support peeps. But it’s the first time we’re saying it here. Out loud. In public.

::breathes into paper bag::

Now, self-pubbing isn’t new. Neither is indie pub, author pubbed or whatever title is in vogue for the practice at this particular moment (not getting too hung…

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Celebrating Release Day of Talent to Burn by Laura Welling

So proud of my friend Laura.

Toni Decker Books

Book Title & Blurb:


Passion burns. Betrayal scars.

Cat Wilson grew up a misfit among misfits. She couldn’t read minds, see the future, or start fires like the other Talented kids inside the shadowy Grey Institute. Finally she ran, leaving her beloved brother, Eric, behind. She’s been running ever since.

When she learns that Eric has escaped, leaving deadly fires in his wake, Cat is torn between fear for her brother, and unwanted attraction to the messenger, a charming, Talented ex-con who lives for the next adrenaline rush.

Jamie Murphy is sure his group of outcast Talents can help Eric—if they can get to him before the cops or the Institute, and before he kills again. Cat’s aversion to Talented bad boys is like a wall of ice, but to his surprise, he doesn’t have to use an ounce of his own unique gift…

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A Thank You to those who often get none

With the end of the college semester coming to a close, I found a piece of writing worth sharing.

As a writer, you strive to evoke emotion. As an EMS provider, emotions can’t come into play until after the emergency. Over time, the control needed to accomplish this takes its toll on those in the field.

I work with EMT & Paramedics students, as well as, have friends who do this job full time or as volunteers. Not for the thanks, but because they care and want to make a different.

This poem is for them. To let them know I appreciate them doing a job I can’t. And when a hard case overwhelms them with emotions, I want those brave men and woman to know there are people in the world who care about them too.

Hear Me, America,

I am the EMT

I see your people as you never see them.

Mighty and small they are beggars before me,

their faces all frightened, beseeching, bewildered,

and hopeful of help from one more frightened than any…

I see their pitiful nakedness, their limbs twisted,

their bodies tattered, their blood on the asphalt,

their children crying.

They trust me to help them.

They know I will help them.

I see their illnesses too, in your big cities.

Their fevers, I feel as you dream at midnight in little towns.

They call to me whose hearts are aching

and whose dreams are shattered,

and they touch me with their weariness.

Sometimes they seek me who are simply alone and

who cannot bear the night, and I am their servant, too.

Fallen from tractors in fields I find them,

stabbed in dark alleys, shot on bright boulevards,

and in stilled cars they are silent and pale on
cold rainy nights.

The crunching of glass under my heavy black boots

tells of my coming.

I fold them in blankets.

My beacons light up your streets as their babies are born.

My sirens wail echoes down your boulevards,

past your shiny glass walls, your stockyards,

and the quiet rural farms,

and your people look up from their work as I go by.

I fight the battles to keep them alive.

I thank my god when I win,

I cover their eyes, when I lose,

and they breathe no more.

My partner is a hero, but no one knows his name.

Author Unknown