Published Works

Novels: NA Paranormal Romantic / Urban Fantasy

The Shoalman Chronicles

Co-Written with Toni Picker under the Pen Name Toni Decker

IMAGES ETERNAL: Book 1 of The Shoalman Chronicles
Published: September 15, 2014


Kyrissa Spears has a gift to paint emotion into her art. Or she did until she killed her mother with her ability. Now she seeks only to paint her mothers soul to rest. When the opportunity to retouch her gift and work with the reigning art sensation Robert Shoalman arises, she can’t resist the offer…or him. Her search for knowledge turns her gift of painting into a means to release the tortured artist, forever cursed to paint death, yet never achieve it for himself.  With a simple brush stroke, she can free him, but at the cost of her gift and her future.

Painter and heir to The Shoalman Collection art dynasty, Robert Shoalman has waited a lifetime, forty in fact, for the chance at freedom. When he finds a young art student who can see death as he does, she becomes the key to releasing him from his tortured Immortality.  Agreeing to teach her to reconnect to her gift, Kyrissa’s exceptional passion awakens feelings for life Robert thought long dead. Watching her paintings come alive, he questions his path of destruction. Too late, Robert discovers the release he has sought for five centuries requires Kyrissa to paint his death, destroying her gift in the process.

Together Kyrissa and Robert must decide which immortality to embrace…life, death or love.

~Life and death are mere transitions – Love is the only true immortality~


SHOALMAN IMMORTAL: Book 1 of The Shoalman Chronicles
Published: January 16, 2015



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