I have several projects I am working on, some closer to being done than others (done being a relative term). Other are still bouncing around in the dark matter spaces of the Void, not quite ready for the light.

Although trying to edit/revise the first book in the Song of Raen series, the current activities depends on which character is yelling in my head the loudest.

Music is often my inspiration for new ideas or scenes and is often an underlying theme in my works.

Chronicles of the Rocky Shoals Man

Historical fiction using alternative history events to follow the life of a knowledge seeking scholar cursed with immortality.

 ~Ignorance is a blessing – The Curse is finding that out too late.~


Novels: YA SF/F – Psy-normal / Slipstream Fantasy 

Song of Raen Series:

Ravens Rise

A commoner raised in a noble court, Mitchell struggles to find his place beside his best friend, and heir-apparent to the Duchy of Oran, before forbidden ‘tainted’ powers threaten to mark them for death and topple the kingdom from the inside.

Ravens Book 2

Living on the island of Hauden’Raen, his real name and heritage a secret, even to himself, Cory strives to carve out a new life for himself and Mitchell. Although the islanders offered them sanctuary, neither Cory nor Mitchell dare trust anyone, determined to find a way back home before their growing forbidden powers threaten to expose them to the ruling elders of Clan Raen.

 Ravens Book 3

Finding forbidden powers are not only accepted, but sought out, Cory and Mitchell must now master their powerful abilities, gain acceptance into the powerful Clan Raen, or die trying. Cory’s true identity, forces long secreted lies to the surface, bringing family and kingdoms to the bring of war.

Ravens Book 4

Trained in their psybilities and now full members of Clan Raen, Cory and Mitchell must return and accept the responsibilities left behind in Harzan and the consequences of their absence.

Ravens Call: Aneath’Hame (WIP)

Tormented by dreams, convinced they are memories attempting to resurface, Jackie must leave everything behind to search for answers to his bond-mate’s past. The journey requires finding an underground city, lost centuries ago. A journey that might be a one way trip.

Short Stories/Novellas:

 Song of Life

The music sang to Kyrie Firehawk since she was a child, plants flourishing under her mystical gift just like the Shamans. Her crime? She was born female.

Refusing offers of family alliances much to her mother’s distress, Kyrie searches for more than the expected role of wife and mother offered to a woman. Defiant, she embraces her heart’s music, keeping her ability to manipulate the song of plants a secret. When invited to dinner by High Shaman Sebastian Maxwell, turning down yet another suitor for a house alliance without offending the most powerful man in Whitehall becomes the least of her problems. Kyrie discovers an attraction to the man who could punish her for her defiance; a man who knows her secret.

Ravens Wings

Jackie Freeman never thought his tattoo of Raven Wings was anything more than ink on his back, until that mark becomes the only means of survival for both him and the rest of his stranded team.

Mirror of Words

Shay wrote words on her mirror every morning and every night they were gone. Until one night, someone wrote back.



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